Jan 27, 2012

The Fat Burning Furnace Review

Is The Fat Burning Furnace A Scam?

The Fat Burning Furnace was created by Rob, & Kalen Poulos. They are fitness experts who write extensively on health and fat loss.

The inspiration for the fat burning furnace program is from their early struggles with weight, & bad health. After losing more than 40 pounds and fixing the weight issues, he and his wife took their techniques in fat burning to women and men achieving great results.

Rob and his wife Kalen then designed the fat burning furnace.The Fat Burning Furnace which is a 158 page, guide which focuses primarily on fat loss, but also deals with toning up lean muscle and improving overall health.

With this fat loss diet for women the main principle is that fat loss is not engineered by lowering calories. Poulos states the practice of constantly cutting calories typically results in hunger, cravings, and slowing down your metabolic rate. Therefore a decrease in calories burned which leads to diet problems, so you are simply unable to lose any more weight even when cutting calories.

While calorie control is a big part of this diet features, the fat burning furnace takes a different approach, using exercise and nutrition to increase your resting metabolic rate. Poulos provides an extensive set of workouts which were created to increase your resting metabolic rate. The nutrition element is also strategically designed to assist the workouts in increasing resting metabolic rate.

When your R.M.R. is raised you’re increasing your metabolic rate burning more calories when you’re working out, but also, even when your sleeping. R.M.R. based diets have a respectable combination of peer reviews and real world data to support their effectiveness.

The Pros For The Fat Burning Furnace

1. Work out at home

2. No long duration cardio workouts

3. Solid dietary plan based on eating natural healthy foods

4. Meal Plans Included

5. Email support in case you have questions

6. Works for men and women of any age group

7. Based on good nutrition and resistance training for toning and firming the body

8. 60-day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Cons For The Fat Burning Furnace

1. If you like doing long traditional cardio and love it, this fat loss diet is not for you.

2. Would have been nice if the videos of the exercises were included in the basic package.

3. Physical version only available as an extra charge once you order.

The Fat Burning Furnace system has dozens of photo guides of the workouts and you can upgrade to a video instruction package. There’s a for seniors guide and a beginners guide to go along with the main product.

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