Sep 21, 2011

Easy Steps On How To Speed Up Fat Loss

how to speed up fat loss

How To Speed Up Fat Loss Forever!

Most women don't care for using diet plans to lose weight! This is because they must also make different lifestyle changes. There will always be a safe limit for how fast you should lose weight. Losing weight too fast will cause loss of muscle mass, or it will be just water weight. So, here are 4 ways on how to speed up fat loss.

1. Eat An Apple In The Morning

There are many women and men that have a fear of fruit when they are on a diet. As long as your in your total calorie intake for the day, fruit can have a good effect on fat loss. High fiber fruits seem to dull hunger levels and lower your chances of eating more. Instead of eating an oatmeal bar to get you through the morning, eat an apple.

2. Speed Up Your Pace On Walks

People think running is the best exercise for fat loss, and really it's a good calorie burner, but not all people are made well for running, or are simply not fit to do so. To help with this, try going on a walk. This way, you can pick up the tempo to a fast walk. When you need to stop, just continue on with your normal walk until you are ready to try it again.

It's a great method to ease you into jogging, and you'll really raise your fat loss potential. Even if it's only for 20 seconds at a time, that's still progress towards the goal of jogging for twenty or thirty minutes. Even riding your bike is great exercise for you!

speed up fat loss

3. Make Work A Fitness Friendly Place

Many take benefit from lunch time for working out. If this is not desirable for you for whatever reason don't let that stop you from getting active. Make your workplace fitness friendly by bringing a pair of tennis shoes with you. Rather than staying in for lunch time, put on the tennis shoes, and walk to a restaurant, or coffee shop around the corner.

Not only will this extra exercise add up, but the outdoors will help you clear your mind, and help your attitude at work. You will be able to walk a longer distance if you are wearing a good pair of sneakers. 

4. Make A Food, & Fitness Journal

If you are doing exercises regularly, and feel like you should be losing more fat, you need to start keeping a food & fitness log. Sometimes you will not know just how many calories you are actually taking in, and this can seriously hurt your fat loss diet results.

To get a total picture of your fat loss diet, be sure you write down what you ate, how much, the time. This gives you all the material you need to look at, and see where you are going wrong.

Always keep your fitness goals in your mind, and look out for the little things you can do to improve your weight loss program. And, you will soon find out that speeding up fat loss isn't as hard as you thought it was!

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